2014, sept

Lots of happy faces and beautiful views in de collage up here, right? Well, it has been a fun month for me so that’s no surprise. Have you been following my Instagram, then you know I went on a trip to beautiful Tenerife and it has been my birthday. Of course I had to take photos of that.

1. I got these Soludos espadrilles about a month ago and have been wearing
them practically all the time. Like wearing slippers.
2. Also new: this beautiful necklace. Read about it right here.
3. Happy face while wearing my cozy sweater!
4. Super selfie in the sun! Our faces are a little bit
awkward, but it was fun nonetheless. 
5. There’s this horrible park called Loro Parque at Tenerife, where they treat
animals like their garbage. On the beach there was this sand sculpture
and it made me think about that. Never go there!
6. When looking out over the ocean I wish I never had to leave.
7. The view from our hotel, lots of volcanos at Tenerife.
8. Birthday girl celebrating!
9. Bought myself some Apple earphones, since my cheap ones fail 
again and again. I’m a true Apple-girl indeed.


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