Instalife winter fashion


Winter is finally here!

It took a while really, because it hasn’t been all that cold. Until now and I miss warmth already. But let’s not get sidetracked, luckily winter also means winter fashion! Next to snow and cold there was also quite some fashion going on in my life last month so let’s take a look, shall we? FYI, are you following me on Instagram yet?

  1. Enjoying a little bit of sunshine in my favorite fluffy coat.
  2. A beautiful creation by Dutch designer Frans Molenaar, who died last month.
  3. After almost a year I could finally use my new snowboard, I’m in love!
  4. Ski lift selfie!
  5. Remember this.
  6. Welcome to the circus! Visited Amsterdam Fashion Week with my friends.
  7. The finally, showing some gorgeous pieces by Dennis Diem.
  8. Lazy Sunday selfie.
  9. Also a pretty good one to remember. Don’t look back, look ahead! 

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