Instaweek, yet different. I decided to call this little look into my life Instalife from now one, since I’m not posting every week at all. So yeah, hello world!

This time on my Intsalife you’ll find food, football and fun times.

Image-61. Homemade ‘stamppot’, made with potatoes, dried
tomatoes, rucola and little pieces of bacon. Yum! 
2. Supporting my little brothers on the soccer field.
3. Late picture from Istanbul, fall colors and sunshine!
4. Drove a Porsche last week, my test will be in Golf&Lifestyle soon.
5. Spotted this old register at a little café called Pasta Pasta.
6. And this is the interior, so cute!
7. Spotted also: Khloe Kardashian!
8. With my friends, fun times.
9. Friends! Check out Laura’s blog!

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