Here we are again, another Instaweek. Or two weeks actually, but I guess you already noticed I don’t really stick to the week all that much. Some weeks I take more pictures than others so I just try and base my posts on that.

Anyway, it’s been a busy couple of weeks. There’s been a lot going on in the city so I’ve been doing quite a lot too. And luckily the weather is still pretty good. There have been a couple of bad days, but I’m writing this from my window in de sun so I’m happy.

1. Wearing my Vogue Netherlands t-shirt.
2. Party with my high school friends in my hometown.
3. Coconut cookies!
4. Went shopping and bought a blazer, shirt and printed bikini.
5. Getting some inspiration from other magazines, work!
6. Love these prints together.
7. Made a healthy salad for dinner with my BFF.
8. Healthy dinner, unhealthy sangria. O, well..
9. Visited Noorderzon Festival, which is practically in my backyard.

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