Sunday, Instaday! My Instaweek contains food, fashion and boats this time. Sounds like fun, right? Well, it was! It’s my birthday this tuesday, but I already celebrated with family yesterday. And today I took a sailing trip with my colleagues. It was fun, crazy cold and kinda tiring, but it turned out to look good on camera so check it out!

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1. New shoes! Love or hate?
2. My grandma gave me her beautiful pearls for my birthday. They were
a gift from my grandpa to her so that’s pretty special.
3. Pasta with rucola, salmon and cream sauce for dinner!
4. Lots and lots of boats.
5. It tilted so much, scary stuff!
6. Found an old Chanel notebook, seems like it’s time to use it.
7. Healthy breakfast, yum!

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