Birthday presents, shameless selfie’s, cars and watches. That’s my Instaweek of today. Or actually, the last couple of weeks. Cause I haven’t been Instaweeking a lot. Now that I think about it, work is pretty much all that I have been doing lately. And sleeping of course. Maybe I should stop being so damn tired all the time and just do some fun stuff. Keep you posted, so follow my Instagram!

1. Bought these beauties with my birthday money. And
some more, actually. But I’m so so happy with them! 
2. All my birthday cards united, cute!
3. Feeling blue with my blue blouse, nails and eyes.
4. Shameless Sunday selfie.
5. Shameful goodiebag, containing some flyers and an old magazine.
6. Surrounded by some beautiful Porches.
7. Blogger at work: guess we’ll be doing black for winter again.
8. Regram from Watching magazine, my
article about Tissot’s 160th birhday.
9. Good morning!

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