black interior inspiration

You may know that,

When it comes to my interior, I’m an all white kind of girl. I love the clean, crisp, minimalistic look of a room that is mostly white. Quite the opposite of my clothes, really. I mean, #allblackeverything is on of my go to looks. Even though while typing this I realized I’m wearing a white sweater right now. Bipolar much.

Black interior

Anyway, it got me thinking. I’m always so focused on a white interior and black outfit: why not switch it up a little? So I headed over to Pinterest to check out if it got some black interior inspiration for me. And guess what? It did! Of course it did.

Color combinations

There’s a few things I found out. One: painting one wall completely black doesn’t make the room dark and creepy at all. Second: black goes just as well with any other color – hello green! – as white does. And also: it works extremely well with copper and – surprise, surprise – varieties of brown.

Don’t overdo it

And third: you don’t necessarily have to paint a whole wall, you can also just choose some black accessories. And I must say: after seeing these photos, I just might do that.

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