Interior inspiration balcony

Interior inspiration balcony

It’s balcony weather!

Or at least, it is sometimes. So I needed some interior inspiration: balcony looks. You see, I have this balcony that is small, but very cute. Because it is that small though, it’s hard to decorate. So it was very fun to check out how other people handle that kind of thing. And there’s quite a lot of options.

A plant wall

Like make a wall of plants! Whether you’re using multiple kinds of plants in pots or just let them grow loosely on the wall: it’s gives a very natural and very awesome effect to have a wall covered in greens. FYI, you can also do this if you’re not the gardening type. It only needs a little bit of watering.

A bed

Well, not really a bed. Just a lot of pillows that give this very loung-y vibe. Just add some candles for when it gets dark, a good book and a frappuccino – or a cocktail and enjoy! Or take a nape, also a good idea. Wait, can I go do this right now?

A French breakfast

And my last option: a French balcony. Or another idyllic place for that matter. A tiny, preferably wooden table with two matching tiny chairs and maybe a plant. Add a cup of coffee and a croissant and I’m a very happy girl.

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