Interior inspiration: cognac couch

How gorgeous is a cognac couch?

Okay, let’s start at the beginning here. How did I end up at all these cognac couches? You might’ve noticed me being quite absent lately. Last time this happened, it was a good thing, because I was in Bali. This time however, it’s a good thing as well. I moved in to my very own Amsterdam appartement!

Sofa inspiration

Can you guess where the sofas come from already? Yes, I need a sofa. A cognac leather one, to be precise. Or well, I do not nééd that one per se. I just want it really  – really, really – bad. And can you blame me? Look how gorgeous they are!

Retro interior

I’m not even all that into a retro interior and I was actually eying a regular fabriced couch to begin with.  Leather can’t be comfortable, I thought. Until I stumbled upon one in a store and sat on it and nearly fel asleep. Okay, I didn’t, but it really was comfortable. So hello wish list, meet your new addition!

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