Interior inspiration concrete

Interior inspiration concrete style,

Does that sound attractive to you? Not really, right? I mean, it makes me think of those big empty dark industrial buildings. Grey isn’t really a happy color after all. Industrial is a big interior trend lately though, so I figured it was worth a shot. And I gave it a shot, by looking up all sorts of interior inspiration concrete involving.

Super pretty interior

And what did I find? Concrete isn’t as cold and boring as it sounds. By combining it just right it can make you’re interior super pretty instead. Especially if you have a room with big windows and lots of daylight. Think about that awesome contrast! Pretty nature and smooth concrete.

Color it up

But even if you don’t, there’s options. A wall, an accessory, a tabel… And you can combine you’re concrete stuff with lighter fabrics and colors, like pastel pink – sorry, still not over the obsession – or natural colors like taupe and beige. Also fun: throw in a bright one. Yellow perhaps.

Diverse mix

Not sure what your kind of concrete is? Me neither. Therefor, lot’s of diverse ways to mix in some concrete. Enjoy!

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