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I used to have this major,

Feather obsession. Honestly, it never really left but I did kind of forget about it. Until I spotted this old photo of me today with feathers in my hair. Got I miss those feathers. I might put them in again. But until then, how about adding some feathers to my interior?

So many feathers

Of course, I already have that gorgeous dream catcher that I still love very much. Secretly I have three dream catchers, this one is so big though, it makes the other ones truly subtle. Who’s counting? Anyway, you can never have too many feathers in your interior.

Inspiration overload

They give your room this beautiful earthy look. If you pick the natural colored feathers that is, they are my favorite. If you want to go all out – a la Cavalli, have you seen his house? – you can also choose the bright colored ones. You can put them in picture frames, lay them down on tables or hang them on the wall; anything really. Needless to say, I went looking for some inspiration.

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