Interior inspiration hallway

How to decorate a hallway,

My hallway is not that big, but it’s attached to the living room which makes it a pretty long wall. Which makes it boring to keep it just white and empty. I put a small cabinet in front of it now, but it’s far from cozy and creative.

Interior inspiration

And what do I do when I need some fixing up in my interior, my dear readers? Yep, Pinterest is always my savior. So I went out – or rather: stayed in hanging on my sofa – looking for some interior inspiration. Hallways are pretty hard to decorate, I found out.

Plants and mirrors

Now there’s a few things I found that I like very much. A mirror, for instance. Super handy and pretty. Not the random one though, but a round version, hanging. Also: plants. I’m a fan of as much plants as possible in my home anyway. Another great idea is painting the wall, adding a book case or a rotan basket. There’s much more of course, check it out:

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