I feel like redecorating,

Maybe it’s because I have a couple of days off right now or just because I’ve had about the same interior for almost a year now. Or because I just feel like doing that sometimes. Thing is, it’s cheap to redecorate and since I have a pretty big travel plan for summer, I should be saving up in stead of spending.

Interior switch up

So I started thinking: how can I switch up my interior without spending a shitload of money. It’s pretty simple actually. Think small. Because the smallest details can make the biggest difference. Like my wall. I have three small shelves where I can put up photos. So I’ve a lot of frames on them. And in those frames are pictures.

Picture inspiration

What’s easier than changing those pictures? Not much and it gives the room a total different look. But what new pictures should I pick? I’ve found myself some pretty cool interior inspiration up on Pinterest. And it’s not expensive at all. Rip out your favorite magazine pictures or use the printer at your job to print out some cute ones. Done!

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