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A couple of moths ago,

I moved to new, bigger place. You can imagine I needed some interior inspiration to figure out how I was gonna decorate it all. There was one thing I knew though: it had to be mostly white. Like my fashion style, my home also switched from colorful summer to plain and minimalistic winter.

So then I figured: decorating your home is a matter of style and therefor fashion too really, so why not add a little interior design to my fashion blog? Exactly! I hope you’ll be as pleased as me. Well, you must be after seeing the gorgeous photos I collected over the last couple of months. I selected the prettiest once, that are all based on plain white interiors of course.

I especially love the once that are white from top to bottom, with some dark details like photo frames or pillows. Unfortunately that’s not really an option for me, since my floor has a pretty dark brown color and I already own a taupe colored couch. Looking at those kind of photos is fun though. And I have been able to add as much white as possible, I might photograph some of it and show you in the future when it’s completely done. But is a home ever really done though?

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