Inspiration sweater fashion

Rain is pouring outside

while I’m writing this so do you wanna guess what I’m wearing right now? One big fluffy sweater indeed. It’s my favorite item once winter really starts kicking in. I swear, the thought of wearing a comfi sweater really helps me getting out of bed in the morning. Which is why I went looking for some inspiration online.

Because there’s lot’s of different ways you can wear a sweater. On jeans, of course. But also on a skirt, combined with a blouse or leather jacket. I love to wear a pair of (semi) high heels when I’m going for an oversized sweater and pick sneakers or biker like boots when wearing a fitted cardigan, to compensate you know.

Anyhow, a little inspiration never hurt nobody so here’s my favorite sweater looks for winter that I found on Pinterest and Tumblr. Enjoy!


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