Jewelry by Mellola

If you want them to talk about you,

You gotta stand out. But saying something like that is easier than doing it. Luckily Melissa – but we call her Lola – knows how to do just that. Her designs are definitely out there and something worth talking about. Which is exactly what she wanted them to do.

Empowerment jewelry

“It’s about empowerment”,¬†Lola told me when I spoke to her a couple of weeks ago. “We, women, can do so much. We have so much power inside us, we just don’t always know that. So we have to learn not to quit, despite everything that tries to stop us. You just have to remember that it’s you that has to do the work. Work hard and believe in yourself.” Which is something she knows how to do, no longer having contact with her mother, a dad living in Surinam and a brother, who died on her birthday. Lola has been through a lot, but she won’t let it stop her.


Which is why last year, nearly done with college, she started wondering. What to do with life? “I knew I wanted to start my own business, but I didn’t know what exactly I wanted so I started to do workshops. One time we made a necklace and I thought: well, this is fun!”

Jewelry by Mellola

And that’s the start of Jewelry by Mellola’s first collection. A collection filled with colorful necklaces and bracelets. That name wasn’t just there, by the way. “No way. First I thought of Lola, because that’s what they call me. But I do want to make it internationally and Lola was pretty much taken everywhere. So I prayed to God and woke up one morning with Mellola in my head. A combination of both my first name and my nickname: Melissa and Lola. Mellola.”

It gets the people talking

Back to that collection than. Lots of colors, why? “Because it gets the people talking. If you go to a networking event wearing this, people will remember you. I go to them quite often and noticed women wearing black most of the time. How are they gonna talk about you if you don’t stand out? And if they don’t talk, how will your business grow?”

Key to success

So there you have it. Jewelry by Mellola might be your key to success. I know my order is already placed. Want one too? Just wait a little, because a webshop is on its way. And of course I will let you know when it’s finished. Until them, check out her facebookpage.


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