Juniqe flamingo phone case

Juniqe goes Dutch!

Yeah, that might be a weird introduction. Here’s the thing though: Juniqe is this awesome website that sells items with art. Items like sweaters, T-shirts, notebooks, shower curtains, pillow cases and – of course – phone cases. You can find different kinds of art on each of those items. Whether it’s an illustration, photo or fun quote. I really like the illustrations. As you can see.

Berlin based

It’s from Berlin originally by the way, this website. Actually, I ordered this cute panda sweater from them a while ago so you can imagine I was excited when I heard they launched a Dutch website as well. You should go check it out. Not before I tell you more about this awesome flamingo phone case I got though.

Three Of The Possessed

This flamingo was designed by an Australian design collective called Three Of The Possessed. Which sounds kinda creepy if you ask me. Their art is not though, as you can see by this cute pink flamingo. The create these geometric images with lots of colors and shapes. Animals, but also random patterns and Kate Moss. Awesome art indeed!

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