Bobbi Brown Beach Collection

The Bobbi Brown Beach Collection,

With a name like that, how can I – professional beach lover – not write about it? I’m not the only professional beach lover in this story by the way, because this collection didn’t get it’s name for nothing. Turnes out Bobbi Brown is quite fond of the beach herself. “Make everyday a beach day”,  she said. Well, amen to that.

About that collection

Okay, so we love the beach, good to know. But how’s the Bobbi Brown Beach collection? Next to the regular products like a shower gel and a hand and body lotion, it contains a limited edition hand wash and fragrance. Every product captures the atmosphere and essence of summer, so they say.

The fragrance

So what does the ocean smell like according to Bobbi Brown? Like jasmine, sea salt, mandarin and pacific sea kelp extract. A fresh scent that seems perfect for the summer, even if you’re not at the beach at all. And it gets you a soft skin as well. Bring on that summer!

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