BXXLGHT custom neon lights

Normal is boring,

stay in bed and I am bananas for you. Do those sound like sentences you’d want highlighted on a daily basis? To me they do, which is a great coincidence – okay, it’s not – because that’s exactly what Bxxlght does.

This Swedish design company makes light boxes in plexiglas. It’s not just a simple neon light, it’s a piece of art. This is what founder Daniela Upmark says about it:

“Something felt missing in the Swedish design market. Especially at a time when home decor is the focus and where personal creativity is so important. During a trip in 2011 to New York I came up with the idea of Bxxlght. I wanted to find art that stood out and that did not have to cost as much as an art work from a gallery or from exclusive auctions. For each season we will let a creator interpret a light box, which will be available as a limited edition.”

I personally would love to have the one up her on my living room wall. Or any place else really, because I could use a reminder like that every once in a while. Or actually: all the time.

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