Remember that little boy on Instagram that I suspected to be my baby? Well, I guess I have a little girl walking around somewhere too. I’m nowhere near planning to have kids, but seeing this little girl does make me wish I had a cute little niece or something. 

They may not be the actual mini-version of the famous couture dresses, but Angie and her four-year-old daughter definitely make them look like they are. This little girl – her name is Elsa actually, but her mom calls her Mayhem – is a true fashionista to be, seeing as she always stole her mother’s fancy dresses. Doesn’t sound too good, does it? It is what made Angie come with this idea though.

Together mother and daughter create couture dresses worn by celebrity’s on red carpets, seen on runways or in movies, with nothing more that paper, bags, tape, glue and other random stuff you find around the house. Lately, Elsa seems to have developed an obsession with the Frozen-movie. And her mother is happy to oblige, of course. Check out what she made recently on her Instagram account!

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