Made jewelry accessories

Last summer I was all about jewelry. Less is more? No way! The more the merrier. Bracelets, rings, necklaces. Combine everything with everything. But summer passed and so did my love for lots of jewels on my body. Now I wear one of everything, at most. A simple ring, small necklace and maybe a watch. If I feel like it. Which is why I’m happy I discovered Made. A jewelry brand that’s all about quality over quantity. 

Handmade with love is their slogan. Every item is handmade by artisans in Kenya, where Made has a workshop since 2005. In that Kenyan workshop the most beautiful and unique accessories are created, out of all sorts of sustainable materials. My favorites are the subtle pieces like a small ring or the simple cuff. But for those who love the statement jewels, there’s also plenty to choose from.


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