Maison Martin Margiela Replica

A Maison Martin Margiela replica,

Does not mean it’s a copy, a fake. It means a collection of fragrances, that each represent a feeling or a moment to remember. Fragrances can trigger memories like no other, after all. I mean, every time I use the scented hand sanitizer I brought with me to Bali, it takes me back to that beautiful island.

Beach walk

Therefor I think this is a very smart, very awesome move of Maison Martin Margiela – one of my favorite fashion labels. This summer they’ve released 10 different fragrances, with names like Flower Market, Jazz Club, By The Fireplace or my personal favorite: Beach Walk. I got my eye on that one.

Collecting bottles

Actually, I got my eye on all of them, even though I haven’t smelled them all. I mean, how could I not? Look at those bottles. Don’t you just want all 10 on display? Even just to look at?

Maison Martin Margiela Replica

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