Marc Jacobs Decadence

What you see here,

Is a little bit of an identity crisis. Is it a purse? It looks like a purse so it must be. It’s not though. This pretty little thing is Marc Jacobs‘ latest fragrance: Decadence. And decadent it is. Sensual, luxurious and glamorous is what they call it.

Sounds about right, seeing as the liquids inside this tiny bag contain ingredients like Italian plum, Bulgarian rose, jasmine sambac and papyrus woods. The scent is way more powerful than the sweet Daisy versions we’re used to. And I must say: if you’re in to that, you’re gonna love this. And I’m most definitely into that.

Also into the packaging by the way. This is not a bottle you’re putting away in a drawer. Which is a challenge, because we know how badly sunlight effects a fragrance. Yet you do want to put this in a spot for everyone to see, because that python print, green bottle and gold chain go so perfectly together. Dilemma’s dilemma’s.

Marc Jacobs Decadence

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