Vans OTW marble collection Tesella white

Say hi to my latest obsession

Marble printed sneakers. You see, when I adopted black, white and grey as my go-to colors for winter I kinda underestimated my love for prints. And black and white prints just get a little boring after a while. So when I ran across a marble printed iPad-cover my heart started to beat just a little bit faster. Can you imagine what it did when I found marble printed shoes?

Hell yeah, I’m excited! Who wouldn’t be, have you seen these beauties? Sure, they might not be as classy and feminine as the ankle boots, high heels cute loafers that I usually walk on. Might be because they’re men’s shoes, but who cares! It’s a creation by Vans by the way, I wouldn’t have guessed that. To be honest, with Vans I always think about those skater kinda shoes. Which I own to, honestly. They’re so damn comfortable.

Anyhow, this marble printed pair is part of the OTW– collection and also available in black, but can you could turn away from a print like this? Thought so.

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