MBFWA: Fashionweek Amsterdam SS17

There’s a lot to be seen at MBFWA,

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam, that’s a mouth full. And it was a week full as well. I’ve seen so many things! There was a pop-up shop in the A’DAM tower – which you should definitely visit if you’re ever around – and drinks in The Hoxton – also a must visit, I might wright a blog post about this later. But of course the most important seen stuff happend at the Westergasfabriek, where the runway shows took place. Let me talk you through what I saw.

Ala Blanka by Anbasja Blanken

The first show I saw was Ala Blanka by Anbasja Blanken. They always say save the best for last, but I didn’t, because I think this was it. Gorgeous scenery, amazing live singing and of course the clothes. O, the clothes. Well, just take a look at it yourself. I’m off buying something red now.

SIS by Spijkers & Spijkers

Onto the next one: SIS by Spijkers & Spijkers. A totally different collection, but very much what was to be expected of these Dutch twin sisters. And no, that’s not a negative thing. Cute prints, casual outfits and fun flowy dresses.

Tony Cohen

The only reason Tony Cohen might’ve lost the battle for the best catwalk for me was because I had a terrible seat behind a girl with big hair. That may not be the right way to judge so I’ll just let you take a look at the photos and decide. Gorgeous right? As always, every model looked perfect in a fancy, classy outfit.

Ilke Cop & Merel Glabbeek

Two for one, Ilke Cop and Merel Glabbeek were. Two shows in one that is. Ilke Cop starting of very spectacular with a live rap act – have you seen my snap (@xannsplace), super spectacular! – and following up with bright colored casual yet catchy looks. And Merel Glabbeek did the exact opposite. Spectacular as well, but black and dark and quiet.

Zyanya Keizer

Another one I was looking forward to. Last season Zyanya Keizer showed an amazing collection and this year was gonna be even better, so they said. And it was, based on the ocean it featured colors like dark blue and red. I saw lots of detailed clothing as well, pretty!

Sunanda Chandry Koning

Last but not least: Sunanda Chandry Koning. As seen in the image up here. Loved, loved, loved the colors. And the scenery, yet again. Lots of fabric, lots of eyeliner. Maybe a little bit much all together, but look at the items separately and you’ll see the awesomeness.

And of course I also saw a lot of street style, which might even be just as fun as what’s going on on the catwalk itself. But I’ll get to that later, in another blog post. Keep posted!

All photos: Team Peter Stigter

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