Orange is the New Black new girl

You simply can not,

Have missed the new Orange is the new black season on Netflix. It’s literally all everyone has been talking about. Now I haven’t watched as many epi’s as the binge watchers among us – ICU – yet so I haven’t actually seen her, but I’ve heard from her.

Or rather seen here. I’m talking about the Orange is the new black new girl, Stella Carlin. I came across an interview she – or actually Ruby Rose, who is the actress that plays her – did for Byrdie and I’m absolutely mesmerized by her look. This girl is awesome.

So you can read the interview over there of course and you should, but let’s focus on these photos by Justin Coit first. How gorgeous are these? I love the clothes, styled by Zoe Costello. Lots of black, lots of details; what’s not to love?

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