Helmut Newton in Foam

You should see the expedition by Helmut Newton in Foam,

That name must ring a bell, right? If not, let me give you a quick introduction: Helmut Newton was a photographer, born in Berlin. Famous for the work he did for Vogue, the photos he took of Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent ánd of course the erotical black and white images.

Foam Amsterdam

They’re all shown during the exposition A Retrospective in photography museum Foam in Amsterdam. Well, not all of ‘em of course, but there’s surprisingly many photos to see. I actually went to the opening on June 16th, but I think I’m gonna go back and see it again. Not just because it was extremely – extrémely – busy, but also because there was just so much to see.

200 photos

Over 200 photos to be precise so go check that out. You have up until September 4th so no rush.

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