get ready for summer plan

I know technically,

It’s already been summer for a while, but since I live in the Netherlands there haven’t been a lot of summery days so I’m still getting ready for it. And I have my own five step get ready for summer plan. You see, there’s five products I use to get my body ready to face the humans.

  1. Starting at the top: my face. The Sensitive Végetal creme by Yves Rocher. Super moisturizing, which is what my skin needs when facing sun all day. I actually use it as a night creme instead of day, because it doesn’t have any SPF. Be sure to use SPF to protect your skin guys!
  2. On my lips I use the Energy Bank lip balm by This Works. It contains natural oils, vitamin E and peptides. And it has this cute subtle red tint that makes my lips stand out a little without making it a total ‘ look’.
  3. Also Energy Bank by This Works is my hand cream. It has vitamin E, blackcurrant oil and shea butter that makes my hands sooo soft. It smells a little strange, very herby, but it definitely makes mt hands smoother.
  4. The legs. Maybe the most importent part in my get ready for summer plan. Before I go tanning I scrub, because that truly makes your tan more even and longer lasting. I use Réponse Corps by Matis.
  5. Last but not least: moisture that body. Oriflame’s Optimals Body lotion with water lily seriously is one of the most moisturizing cremes I’ve used. Like rubbing water on your skin. Again: not the best smell, but it works. And hey, do you need another excuse to buy perfume?
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