Webprint photo wall

One of my favorite spots in my room,

Is my photo wall. I mean, of course it is. All my closest friends are on there. And it’s not even done yet, I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the rest of the photos. But anyway, don’t you just love a photo collection?

Whether it’s photos of your friends and family – like mine – or just photos of other stuff you love or pictures you didn’t even take yourself but picked out of magazines. That last thing is what I did until recently. But thanks to Webprint, that changed.

On their website you can easily print out all the photos you want. They tell you which size is the best for that photo to be printed so you never have wrongly cut out or strangely shaped photos. Also, you can print them on wood. How awesome is that? I did that to the photo below. The effect is really cute, kinda hazy, which I thought fit great with the beachy photo.

So yeah, another sneak peak into my room. Isn’t it cute?

Webprint photo wall

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