My Jewellery bracelet

It’s not just jewelry, it’s My Jewellery,

My Jewellery is a brand founded five years ago by fellow Dutch girl Sharon Hilgers. Since then the brand has been building a serious fanbase. No wonder, because they have a fun collection filled with pieces for every style.

Versatile pieces

I picked two stainless steel bracelets, that I will photograph in an outfit pretty soon as well. Not that you need that to see how versatile these pieces are. I’ve literally been able to wear them all the time. The only downside: there’ve been a couple occasions where they fell off my wrist so be careful.


FYI, funny enough it’s not just jewelry they sell at My Jewellery. Phone cases, bags, scarves and other kinds of fashion items, even dresses and shoes made the cut. For now, I’m sticking to my cute bracelets, but there sure is enough inspiration to find on their website.

My Jewellery bracelet


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