Firmoo sunglasses

Wait, what?

Not such great sunglasses? Is that even possible with me and my sunglasses obsession? Apparently it is, cause the pair up here just wasn’t what I expected when I ordered it.

You see, Firmoo, where I got them, kindly offered me a pair so I could give my honest opinion. And when I checked out the website I saw a couple of cute frames. Since I still wanted a plain black one and I’m obsessed with blue mirrored glasses, I decided on this one. It arrived sooner than I thought, within two weeks. No problems there.

When I opened the package though, I was disappointed. They’re not plain black at all, there’s a light blue stripe on top; as you can see in the photos. It kinda clashes with the color of the glasses in my opinion. Also, the frame feels very plasticy. Like it’ll break quite easily. It hasn’t so far, but as you may understand I haven’t worn it all that much either.

So yeah, not that excited. I do wonder if it’s different with the metallic frames though. And for you girls and guys with glasses; they do prescription too so maybe the clear glasses are better. Care to try? You can get a 15 percent discount. If you decide to take the risk, let me know how that works out. Maybe I’ll try again too.

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