Coat rack inspiration

Recently I went looking for some coat rack inspiration,

Not because I felt like it, but because my coat rack kinda broke. Meaning: I had three little hangers and only one of them is still up on the wall. Yes, maybe I own too many coats but that’s just the way it is. They’re not gonna disappear all of a sudden and the little hangers kept on falling off. So I had to find a solution.

Interior minded

Of course I headed over to Pinterest to see what all the interior minded people had going on with their coats. And they had a lot going on, to say the least. I saw so many fun options! Like a bronze colored steel pipe, the same thing in wood or some sort of a tree with coats hanging of branches?

The coat rack choice

So what did I pick? Well, at first I thought I’d do it the easy way and buy the black vertical ones you see in one of the photos, that are actually available at Ikea. But, there’s a delivery problem and it’s not gonna happen any time soon. So option two: I love the hanging branch and I think it would be pretty awesome to hang coat hangers on one of those and make that my coat rack. Now all I gotta do is find a branch thick enough. Did I mention I live in the city? Wish me luck!

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