As you can see and read on my ABOUT XANN page: I love photography. So it may come to no surprise that Instagram is one of my favorite apps. I love how you can make photos look just a little bit better. Which is why I make a lot of them. I take photos of surroundings, food, myself or just random things.

Quite a lot, as you can see when looking at my Instagram-account. That’s why I thought it would be fun to start a new regular blogpost and this is the first edition. Welcome to my week on Instagram!

1. A brief moment of nice weather led to my first outdoor workout in ages
2. I took a brief trip to Naarden for a very exciting meeting
3. Wearing my all time favorite hat!
4. Totally beat after a major workout in the gym
5. My friend and me cheering on our national Freedom Day
6. I love my 
7. The outfit I wore during a trip to the park
8. The beautiful Dokkum where I did an interview
9. Healthy salad with tuna, cottage cheese, tomatoes and potatoes

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