The Pool Groningen

When I got an invite for The Pool Groningen,

I instantly new I had to go. Because Groningen is the place where I was born and it’s always fun to check out a new hotspot. Restaurant The Pool is part of The Student Hotel. A place where lots of international students come to live for a couple of months, nut that is also available for either business people or tourists that want to spend the night in this awesome city.

Mediterranean, African, Asian

Let’s focus on the restaurant though, because I have enough to say about that for one article. Maybe I’ll check out the hotel another time. Anyhow, I got to try this place out for dinner. It’s a Mediterranean restaurant with dishes from Africa and Asia as well. Lots of different choices.

The Pool Groningen


Me and my friend chose a selection of small dishes, like hummus, tahin and patatas bravas. All very – very! – good, but my favorite? Definitely the fried artichokes and salad with grapefruit. The interior is cool as well, by the way. Very hip, there’s cacti and steel chairs for example. O, and the people are super nice.

The Pool Groningen

Back at it

Conclusion? I loved The Pool Groningen. So much, that I went back there last weekend already. For lunch this time. I had bread with mozzarella, tomato and pesto. And yes, this was delicious as well.

The Pool 
Boterdiep 9, Groningen

The Pool Groningen

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