Polette sunglasses

I got myself these cute Polette sunglasses,

Aren’t they pretty? I’ve been thinking a lot about which model to get. You see, at Polette they have two options for sunglasses: pick sunglasses the way they are ór you can pick a frame and choose glasses to match. That’s not the only cool thing about this concept though. At Polette, they have their own workplaces where they make these glasses. No large stocks or other companies of some sort involved.

All sorts of sunglasses

The number one result? Low priced glasses! Both sunglasses or regular glasses by the way. And the frames are so awesome I almost regret not needing regular glasses. Like the one you see in the photo above. And the case accompanied by it as well. Isn’t that adorable? Looks like wood, but is pretty flexible.

Your favorite frame

So how does it work? Simple: you pick one of the hundreds of frames – and yes, that’s a tough choice – and then pick the glasses you want. There’s multiple colors. I went for Merry Purple in the end, with brown glasses. And this down here is the result.

Polette sunglasses

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