Adidas Superstars outfit

I have some sad news,

My favorite sneakers died on me. Those beautiful Adidas Superstars of mine broke down. And because I wore them all the time – áll the time – I didn’t have to think long: I needed new ones. But would I buy the same color? Or maybe a print?

Research time! Luckily I came across a website that has different new sneakers lined up for me. How convenient! Google is your friend after all. First thing I spotted were the snake printed Superstars. Hello gorgeous! How awesome are those?!

Only one problem: the thing I loved most about the pretty white Superstars, is the fact that they were all white and combinable with every single outfit. But the snaky ones are pretty damn special and not a pair you spot on every corner, so to say. What to choose, what to choose?

Of course you already spotted the picture up here and so you know: I went for the whites. And I can’t be more excited to have them in my collection again. I’m in love, again. Welcome back babies!

FYI, there’s an outfit with them coming up too.

Photos by Laura

Adidas Superstars

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