nike air max dessert

Do you have a sweet tooth,

Like me? It’s about to get even worse, because there’s a Nike Air Max Dessert pack. Wait, what? Yeah, it’s shoes of which the design is based on a dessert. It’s actually a city collection. So not only is the design based on a dessert, it’s based on a dessert from a specific city. The best of both worlds!

Macaron or crepe?

So you can pick New York, Paris, Tokyo, London, Shanghai and Milan. Each town has his own dessert, lika a macaron or what’s called a Harajuku Crepe. I don’t really know what that it, but it sure looks good in the shape of a shoe.

Air Max 1 missing

The only I think is a shame, is that it’s only available in an Air Max 90 version and I’m way more a 1 person. I might have to make an exception for the pink ones though, how cute are they?

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