Nike Juvenate sneakers

When the weather matches your sneakers,

You can’t help but take a photo, right? Which is exactly what I did this weekend. And I also climbed a tree, but that’s another story. Let’s focus on the important part right now: my Nike Juvenate sneakers. That match these fall colors perfectly.

Walk in the woods

I had this perfectly relaxed weekend. Like weekends should be. Drinks with friends, a little bit of blogging, shopping, decorating my christmas tree – so excited! – and taking a walk in the woods. Or well, a park is more like it but still. There were trees and walk in the woods alliterates pretty damn good.

Matching sneakers

And since it’s still kinda beautiful outside, even though most of the leaves have already fallen, I had to bring my camera. And climb a tree. Which is what I was actually photographing, until I looked down and noticed my shoes. Hello match! Cute right? Also: hello from me in a tree – can you see what I did there?

Nike Juvenate sneakers

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