Kendall Jenner editorial Allure

She started out as a reality star,

but by now Kendall Jenner is a true fashion model. A couple months ago I saw an editorial in Vogue featuring Kendall Jenner and was pleasantly surprised. Truth is, there’s nothing to be surprised about anymore. Which is why, after seeing the photo up here, I couldn’t wait to see the rest of Kendall’s editorial for Allure. And there’s a special guest involved too.

In the accompanying interview of which fragments are posted online, Kendall speaks about how insecure she used to be. Her bad skin and braces are to blame for the fact that she still suffers from a low self-esteem. No need for that if you ask me, because she looks absolutely radiant wearing bathing suits by Versace and Agent Provocateur and jewelry by Balmain.

Carried, not worn, is a very special guest during this shoot. A monkey, but not just any monkey. This is the actual monkey that was on Friends, where his name was Marcel and he was Ross’s pet. How awesome is that?

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