Yes, you heard me.

Lately I’ve been seeing more and more articles containing tips about adding color to your wardrobe. For me though, those tips are unnecessary. I’m actually doing the opposite: draining color from my wardrobe. Wearing only black, white and grey seems like a good idea to me right now. Except for a little bit of red lipstick of course. That’s always the right choice.

I actually find it quite refreshing to skip color on a daily basis. It limits my choices, seeing as I wore lots of prints and color last summer and my closet is still pretty much filled with it. So this is one of my favorite outfits lately. Simple black jeans, a classic¬†white blouse and a cardigan in a basic color too. Like this black and white one. Oh and to pair it of I’m wearing my lovely new watch, a small little necklace.

And my favorite pair of black Invito boots, naturally. Because let’s face it: I’d wear these beauties all the time if I could. Actually, my bff just bought the same pair. Can you see how addictive they are?

H&M - jeans
Mango - blouse
Primark - cardigan
Invito - shoes

Photos by Kim
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