Comfi classic

What you’re looking at right now is an outfit I wear quite a lot lately. Ripped light colored jeans, a big comfi grey sweater and some simple accessories. It is nearly winter and pretty cold outside after all, why don’t we get comfi? The classy way, that is.

I’ve actually never been a big fan of grey colored clothes. They seemed boring to me, a little wallflowerish if you know what I mean. Recently though, I completely changed my mind and now I’m totally into grey. Especially grey sweaters and comfi cardigans, which is lucky for me because they’re all around these days.

So to actually add a little bit of a fancy touch to an otherwise kinda plain outfit, I suggest wearing some fun jewels. Like an eyecatching watch and some bangles. Also: tough looking black leather boots. Bring on those cold days! And of course check out my Polyvore for more fun looks.


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