Denim outfits

I’m a total denim lover,

That’s no secret. It’s so simple really. Like black, denim works with everything. So I wear it practically all the time. Mostly in a casual way, but denim is perfectly wearable in a more fancy situation too. Which is why I decided to create two outfits: one casual and one kinda chic.

Let’s go to the chic one first, shall we? I decided to go for a denim dress. Tricky, but fun if you pull it off. And how exactly do you do that? Combining it with a fancy blazer and pretty high heels of course.

So that’s the chic thing, now what do we do when we want to go casual? Jeans, what else? Washed and ripped is what is totally hot right now and I must say I love it. Combine it with a simple grey top, some funky accessories and a sweater when it get’s cold. Love!

Curious to see more outfits? Check out my Polyvore.



Dreamy denim



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