Outfit, never-never land

Or at least it looks like it,

if you ignore the small houses on the left, which you will right? I mean, those trees seem to go on forever. Which is exactly why Evelyn and I thought this was the perfect place to shoot some photos. Behold: the result.

And that result turned out pretty good if you ask me. Also because the sun decided to go all out, which made it the perfect day for an outdoor walk.ย Even though it looks like a place somewhere in Scandinavia maybe – far away at least – this is practically my backyard. It’s Groningen, indeed.

It might have been sunny, it’s still winter. So that’s why I’m still wearing my coat. Isn’t it pretty funny anyway that fashion bloggers take pictures outside in freezing cold with their inside clothes on? I’m talking bare legs, short sleeves everything. I know, it’s better light and prettier surroundings but still. I decided to not get a cold and wear a coat.

Zara – coat
Zara – scarf
Mango – shoes

Outfit, never-never land

Outfit, never-never land

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