Balloon outfit

Are you following me,

On Instagram yet? Maybe you are, because last week I reached over a thousand followers, yay! Honestly, I reached it before, but then Instagram did that spam clean-up thingy again and gone they were. Anyhow, isn’t it the perfect excuse for a balloon-themed post? Or well, who needs an excuse for a balloon-themed post?

Birthday balloons

Honestly, these balloons are not mine. They belong – or belonged really – to my lovely photo buddy Evelyn. It was nearly her birthday when we did a shoot last time I was in Groningen. So much fun! As I already told you.

1k balloon outfit

Anyhow, we spontaneously decided it was fun for me as well to pose with those pretty balloons. Because balloons áre fun. And then I reached 1k so 1 + 1 = 2 and hey! Here’s the balloon photos!

Zara – scarf
Zara – coat
H&M – jeans
Adidas – sneakers

Balloon outfit

Balloon outfit

Balloon outfit

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