Trenchcoat outfit

Have I told you,

About my favorite coat yet? Okay, so I haven’t, but you have seen it before right here. I’m absolutely in love with it. It’s so fancy! So of course I made more photos of it than just that one. It needed it’s own trenchcoat outfit post. So here you go.

These photos were actually shot – by the beautiful Evelyn, who else? – during one of my final days in Groningen so maybe they’re a little sentimental too. And sunny! How great is that? I’m so happy summer is finally here. I mean, it’s June and I’ve been freezing for most of the time.

Anyhow, back to that coat. I swear, I wear it all the time. It was actually very cheap and I bought just because my Zara-trenchcoat was totally worn out and I needed a new one. A quick, impulsive buy that turned out very good. I love it when that happens.

Vila – trenchcoat
H&M – jeans
Invito – shoes

Trenchcoat outfit

Trenchcoat outfit

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