Quay sunglasses

I think Quay sunglasses might be,

the most populair sunglasses out there right now. Now usually that doesn’t mean I have to have them as well. But this time I spotted the Quay Muse Purple and I had to have it. Now, you know I have a small – alright, huge – obsession when it comes to sunglasses so I did not need new ones at all. But, for Quay Australia I’d gladly make an exception.

Quay sunglasses in Den Bosch

I got my Quay sunglasses at Twinkeltje, this cute store in Den Bosch. Two stores actually. For Dutchies that live near: go visit! Others: they have a webshop. And there’s more pretty sunglasses! Okay, I’m getting carried away. One does not need more than fifteen pairs of eyewear, right?

Ready for summer?

No you don’t. Not even if the sun does shine as bright and it makes me look up like an idiot as you can see in the photo down here. Now, I’m gonna go to the tanning salon, because these photos made me realize you practically need sunglasses to look at those shiny white legs. Bye!

Zara – skirt
H&M – top
Zara – coat
Adidas – sneakers
Quay – sunglasses

Quay sunglasses

Quay sunglasses
Photos: Glampacker.nl


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