Closet sale main

As you know I participated in a closet sale with some of my fellow bloggers last weekend. We had lots of fun, though I didn’t sell as many clothes as I had hoped. I actually ended up buying some. Those who know me will not be surprised.

My outfit in these photos is actually different than the one I wore when I arrived. This crochet cardigan isย Tineke‘s, but she let me buy it for quite a small amount of money so I’m the – very – happy new owner. I also bought a ring from her, but that’s pretty non-existent in these photos. I’ll make sure to get some more detailed pics next time.

Photos are shot by my lovely friend Kim by the way. It was her idea to do some outfit-photos, since I hardly ever do them. What do you think? Should I do them more often?

Cardigan: Forever 21 / top: H&M / necklace: Follow Fashion / jeans: H&M / shoes: Soludos


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