Warm winter coat outfit

It’s freezing,

In case you haven’t noticed. Or you don’t live in the Netherlands of course. I feel like in just a couple of weeks we’ve gone from rosé in the sun to hot chocolate in front of the fire place. Not that I mind that last one. It’s just that you can’t stay indoors all the time unfortunately. One has to go outside.

Winter coat please

And how better to do that than wearing a very – very – warm winter coat? Or actually, that’s the only way to do it if you don’t want to be too cold. Luckily, I got this beauty on sale after last years winter. And now I finally get to wear it. That’s one positive thing this fall. And the pretty colors of course. They even match my shoes!

H&M - coat
Zara - scarf
Invito - shoes

Photos thanks to my dear Laura
Warm winter coat outfit

Warm winter coat outfit

Warm winter coat outfit

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