Vimodos bag

People who know me

know I have an excuse for shopping, always. Usually this excuse is that something is perfect for this or that. With this bag I got from Vimodos though, that’s definitely not just an excuse. It’s the truth. Let me tell you about that.

First of all: it’s black. And what outfit doesn’t match with a black bag? Especially since I have this minimalistic monochrome style going on this winter. It’s perfect, like I told you.

Also: you can wear this bag in different ways. Like carry it around as if it’s a clutch or hang it on your shoulder casually. Also: the strap makes it easy to wear it cross body in case you need your hands free when you’re – just a random example – shopping.

And then there’s the practical excuse. Because it has two extra small compartments on the inside, I will never ever loose my keys or favorite lipstick again. Or well, most of the time.

Are you convinced yet? You are, right? Well then, don’t hesitate and take a look at where I got it, because this webshop I was talking has lots and lots of other pretty stuff too. Who needs excuse for that? It’s perfect!

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