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It’s pretty nice to have a good workspace where I can sit and work, which is generally what you do at work spaces. Which I don’t, because I do not have one. So I need to create a workspace for myself. But how? And maybe even more important: what would it look like? About time I went looking for some workspace inspiration and found it too. What I also found is that there are a few essential elements that make a perfect workspace for me. Here we go:

1. Whites

Yep, that’s the color I’m talking about. Even though I have seen some pretty awesome workspaces with a black wall, white really is the way to go. Clean, pristine and so pretty.

2. Moodboards

Whether it’s a very hipster industrial looking grid, a modern looking whiteboard or the traditional cork pin board. I need a place to collect inspirational pictures, quotes and whatnot. Right in front of me, preferably.

3. Materials

Can I go obvious for a second? The third thing I’d need in my perfect office are actually things. Supplies. Like a big ass iMac, a fancy chair – did I hear you say Eames? – and fancy light bulbs. And a pretty coffee mug of course. Always coffee.

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